Psychometric Testing: What Is It and How Can You Prepare?

Psychometric testing is a handy assessment tool for recruiters, used to gauge a candidate’s ‘fit’ for a job based on their intellectual skills and personality traits. It is current common practice for organisations to use psychometric tests as devices to help them through the hiring process.

Psychometric tests are typically categorised into two sections: personality tests and aptitude tests. Personality tests examine how you are likely to behave in the workplace, including your interpersonal style and how you manage your time. Aptitude tests look at a wide range of skills, testing in topics including numeracy, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. Aptitude-based tests have a time limit for answering the questions.

It is essential that you highlight your best attributes throughout the test, so here are some key tips to prepare yourself:

Find a productive space

Locate a quiet space where you can take the test, so that you won’t be interrupted throughout the duration of the assessment. Put your phone away, or set it to ‘Do Not Disturb.’ Make sure you go for a walk and drink some water beforehand; you will need all of your focus available while you take the test. Additionally, attempt to rest your mind before the test period so you can approach the assessment with a fresh outlook.

Complete some practice tests before you start

Practice is a crucial way to prepare for testing of any kind, especially psychometric testing. Practice is proven to lower stress levels and minimise any other factors that might impede your mental performance. Have a look online for practice psychometric assessments. They will put you through your paces, and get you comfortable with timing, as well as the types of questions that will be asked. It is completely normal to feel nervous before you undergo the assessment, and practicing allows you to showcase your full potential, by being prepared and relaxed.

Give yourself plenty of time

The personality-based tests typically take about half an hour, and do not have a time limit. Aptitude tests, on the other hand, must be completed within strict time limits, so efficiency when answering questions is key. Before you sit down to take the test, factor in time to read the test’s instructions and complete the practice questions. Work your way through the questions with a plan in mind of how many you need to answer by a certain point in time. If you are presented with a question that is difficult, don’t spend too long on it; make an educated guess and move on. If you have time, you can always go back and answer some of the harder questions.

Know your tools

It is important to know what tools you can use to aid your performance in psychometric testing. As part of the aptitude test, you will be asked numerical reasoning questions. In most cases you should be allowed to use a simple calculator, so get yourself familiar with its functions. Additionally, as the tests are conducted online, make sure your internet is running smoothly, and all precautions are made so that you avoid an online crash mid-test!

Approaching psychometric testing with a positive attitude will reflect well in your answers. Enter the test with confidence and you will most likely come out the other side feeling accomplished. Get prepared and increase your chance of securing a role!

Psychometric testing practice makes perfect 

They say practice makes perfect and in this case it certainly helps. Have you ever done a psyche test? Did you find it daunting?  Nerve wracking?  Baffling?

“Lower stress and faster, better results come more easily”

Simply preparing for the psychometric test can reduce your stress.

We have a number of sample tests to help you to prepare and shine. Remember stars practise relentlessly.  Psych test practise is vital to make you stand out from the crowd.

Find out the tests you’ll be sitting, let us know and we can organise a practice your session online.

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