So Why Use Career Management Services’ Professional Selection Criteria Writers?

Our professional selection criteria writers understand the process of job applications and are highly experienced in writing effective responses to address selection criteria. We ensure that you meet each criterion and improve your chances of getting a job interview and securing the role.

What do we do:

  • Review the selection criteria, department or area applying to, specifications and competency required for the role.
  • We assess your resume and suitability for the role, providing you with a professional opinion and advice on whether the role is worth applying for before commencing the service.
  • Give you a quote.
  • On acceptance we will work through all of your selection criteria responses choosing the best selection criteria examples to suit each question.
  • Write all of your selection criteria response examples using the correct guidelines, word count and format.
  • Work through written responses to the selection criteria with you before reviewing and making any final amendments.
  • Give you the approval to submit written selection criteria responses and talk you through the next steps of the recruitment process to ensure that you start preparing for your interview.

Our selection criteria writers thoroughly review and analyse the position description and all aspects of your experience and skills. They also conduct research on your prospective employer to ensure that they have a deep understanding of all the requirements needed to write winning selection criteria responses to assist you in proceeding to the interview stage.

We collaborate with you to make sure you carefully explore your total experience to find accurate and suitable answers that will enable you to showcase your strengths, to put the most relevant example forward in your answers, demonstrating your ability to do the role, your core competencies that reflect the role requirements, and the behaviours that align with the company and the position. It is important for us develop an in-depth understanding of you, your experiences and personality when writing selection criteria responses.

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 Selection Criteria Responses and Job Selection Criteria Writing

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Selection Criteria Answers: How to Answer Selection Criteria?

If you are not sure how to answer selection criteria, the key to answering selection criteria is to ensure that your selection criteria answers follow the strict guidelines, format and word count as laid out by the public Service, department, are or corporate organisation you are applying too. It is our job to assist you in meeting all those guidelines, format and word count. We believe in letting you know what we think your chances of getting the role are. At Career Management Services, we want you to succeed so we feel it is best that your focus should be on the roles that you want and that you have the best chance of success in applying for.

So why do they use key selection criteria?

Key selection criteria or job selection criteria are designed to assist organisations during the recruitment process. They enable key decision makers to explore the relevance of experience an individual’s experience and background. Selection criteria allows you to highlight your skills, even if you are in a different role. The employer can assess your fit for the role. Selection criteria questions are devised around the role and directly reflect the competencies and behaviours they need in the role. These selection criteria questions give you the opportunity to give them real life examples of situations, events and incidents you have been involved in, allowing you to explain a situation where you have excelled, how you handled the situation, the actions you took to ensure success and the results of these actions. Highlighting the depth of your experience, skills, and ability, and allowing you to demonstrate what you would do in a similar work situation.

Selection Criteria is usually for the following roles in Government, Parliament, Federal, State and Local authorities, Universities and more:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Agricultural, Conservation and Forestry
  • Arts and Culture
  • Attorney General’s Office
  • Aviation
  • Austrade
  • Ausaid
  • Communications
  • Customs
  • Defence
  • Economic Development
  • Electoral Commission
  • Emergency services
  • Engineering
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Government
  • Hospital and health care
  • Housing and land management
  • Human Resources
  • Immigration
  • IT
  • Libraries and schools
  • Marine and Mining
  • Personnel Recruitment
  • Police
  • Research development Science
  • Research Administration Teaching
  • Social and community services
  • Social work, libraries
  • Telecommunications
  • Tax and treasury
  • Training
  • Transport
  • Universities

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Selection Criteria Writer

I would just like to leave some feedback on my experience of working with Career Management Services, in particular the service received from Shawn.

Apologies I should have sent my feedback weeks ago. I can’t thank the agency enough, particularly Shawn for the help and support I received with writing my resume and selection criteria. I had been finding it extremely difficult to even get to interview stage with every job that I applied for. After contacting Shawn, I decided to have my resume re-written. I then received some further help with drafting a selection criteria document. After submitting my new documents, I immediately secured two interviews for the two jobs that I applied for. I got through to second interview for one job and successfully secured the second job.
I am now in full time permanent employment and I have no doubt that this would not have happened had it not been for the help and support received from Career Management Services. Shawn was excellent to work with, he took time getting to know me and he really tailored my documents to the requirements of the jobs that I had been applying for. I would definitely recommend Career Management Services. They offer a very professional, friendly and tailored service that will meet your career needs.

Many thanks

Hi Shawn,
I would like to commend you and your staff Ruth for supporting my career journey so far, you have boosted my confidence in applying for jobs and this investment is worth gold. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who is looking for professional career guidance, advice and feels a sense of trust in a company who is honest, clear, respectful and listens to clients needs around their transition to the next carer phase.

APS client who was desperate to come out of their comfort zone!
Thanks again Shawn for making this happen

“Shawn was incredible in helping with me to prepare for my interview. Firstly, he knew what the role entailed and what questions are likely to be asked. Secondly, he helped me to draw from my experiences to address the selection criteria. Thirdly, he gave me very good advice on how to present myself in a corporate setting. My interviewers said that I performed highly interview and I got the job. I definitely recommend Career Management Services to others.”