Graduate resume writing. Are you embarking on the search for the job that will launch your career?   You’ll be asked for your resume or curriculum vitae or CV — it doesn’t matter what you call it — writing a resume is not like writing an assignment. You know what your lecturers want, we know what employers need.

You’re closing your books and know where you are heading, now you need the professional documents that will persuade the people who are hiring, you are the candidate for them.

Career Management Services has a team of professional CV writers, with a proven industry track-record so you can have the confidence you’ll have what you need to showcase your background, experience and potential…most importantly they will craft a professional resume and covering letter that will ensure you create the best first impression and get you to the interview.

Graduate resume services
Graduate Resume

Graduate Resume

Our resumes are carefully crafted to do two specific things:

  • build a comprehensive profile that accurately reflects your knowledge, skills and potential; and
  • reflect employers’ requirements, the things they’re looking for in candidates for the roles you’re after.
Graduate Resume Writing Services
Graduate Resume

Our professional team of writers are skilled at turning your resume into the personal sales brochure it needs to be to make you stand out.  We’ll focus the reader on your skills and attributes, drawing their attention to your suitability for the job and their team.

You’ve invested in education, now one more small investment can make all the difference. A well written resume can be the deal breaker between getting the interview and the job, and just having to take whatever position you can get.

To get a start in your search for a future role, check out the Job Search and Part Time Job Search pages.

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Graduate Resumes from $169 Plus GST

Graduate Resume
Graduate resume writing services

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