Job Hunting, So you are ready to look for your next role and really want to know how to make the most of your job search?

We know that job hunting can feel rather draining when searching for that dream role, especially when you’re continuously scrolling through online job boards, applying for job after job and never hearing back. But are you making the most of your online and offline opportunities; more importantly, do you know where to find them? A lot of time and effort goes into searching for a new job, so it’s crucial to spend your time and effort wisely and tactfully. Before you start your job search, take some time to consider what your career goals are so you can direct your energy in all the right directions. No matter what reason you’re searching for a job – wanting to progress, changing career path or re-entering the work force – with these simple tips, you can optimise your chances of securing a role faster and easier.

Create a job search plan

We understand that searching for jobs can be overwhelming at times, so that’s why we recommend creating an action plan – review your weekly schedule and block out some time to hunt for jobs. Even if it means sneaking in half an hour before work or one hour in the evening; every little helps. The main objective is to stay focused and motivated, so if you feel the boredom creeping in, switch it up and perhaps spend one day searching for jobs and another day following up on applications. Having your schedule and goals mapped out on paper will put you in the right mindset.

Organise your documents

It’s important to customise your applications for each job you apply to, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to write a whole new resume or cover letter for every single application. You can easily accomplish this by creating a core cover letter that can be quickly edited for the position you’re applying to. As for your resume, it’s a good idea to create different versions of your resume based on the different types of roles you’re applying for. By organising your documents beforehand, you’ll find that you’re able to apply for more jobs, more effectively in the allocated time frame.

Know the value of LinkedIn

This vital tool is not only a platform used to apply for active jobs, but it also opens up multiple opportunities for recruiters to directly contact you. Take the time to build your profile and provide perspective employers with detailed information about your skills and experience, while using keywords to rank highly in searches. You want your LinkedIn profile to effectively reflect your expertise and personal brand; in turn, recruiters will understand what value you can bring to the organisation. Another perk to investing time in LinkedIn is the ability to connect with your network in a professional context.

Build a solid network

Is your professional network exposing you to new opportunities? There are many ways to establish and maintain strong connections; attend industry events, assist others in their career endeavours or congratulate them on their achievements. Investing in professional relationships will provide the tools and resources to keep aware of trends within the job market, introduce yourself as a prospective employee, and foster your career development. Once you’ve discovered your ideal networking style and considered where you can go to meet the right people, you’ll be able to exploit opportunities all around you – even if they’re not publicly advertised.

Make the most of job boards

With online job boards becoming extremely user-friendly, we have good news – you no longer need to spend every hour of every day scrolling through page after page in hope for that dream role. Searching by role, location, salary and most recent will discount long standing and outdated vacancies from your list, meaning you can put your browsing time to better use! You can save these search parameters and set up email alerts from a range of websites to immediately find the results most relevant to you and send daily updates.

Explore company websites

It’s important to acknowledge that not all active jobs are posted on mainstream job boards ie Seek and Jora. Go to the “careers” link on company websites to explore job vacancies, and if there aren’t any active listings, they might provide the opportunity to send across your resume for future reference. For recruiters, this is a better way to attract a smaller but better-qualified applicant pool, or perhaps it’s a business looking to attract local applicants. An efficient method would be to make a list of potential businesses and schedule a regular time to review their websites for recent job posts.

Approach companies directly

Have you considered proactively contacting organisations to enquire about current or upcoming job opportunities? Before contacting the company (preferably the recruiter or hiring manager), undertake research and write a personalised letter of introduction expressing why your skills and experience would be a great match. Remember to use clear and concise language to grab the reader’s attention immediately, and be direct about what why you would like to connect with them. You can further increase your chances of landing an interview by picking up the phone to follow up on each of your contacts.

With online and offline opportunities all around us, the process of finding your dream role doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or daunting. With a firm plan in place, you can maximise your efforts and get the most out of time devoted to job hunting. With these top tips, you should expect to secure your next opportunity quicker than you might think!

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